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I’m not big on talking about the generic benefits of SEO. I’m big on delivering value and results for your bottom line. Vetting the expertise of an internet marketer shouldn’t be about how exciting their pitch is. Expertise should be gauged through real, measurable results.

ROI-driven work with the results to back it up:

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Words from my clients

“Impressed by the results of your SEO and content work”

“Asad, thank you for the excellent service you’ve provided to my agency for four years now. Your attention to detail is truly remarkable. My clients and I have been impressed by the results of your SEO and content work. I’m happy to recommend you to others so they can also benefit from your specialist skills.”

– M. Asmal, DEZIGN-IT

“Getting new customers from our website”

“It’s difficult to grow a business from scratch and we needed help in getting out there. Having a website, but not knowing what potential clients actually ‘Google for’ was an issue. With the help of Asad’s SEO services and SEO words, it helped bring us forward with new business, without which we would still be struggling with marketing. Fortunately, we got ranked top 3. It varies some months; we’re in the top three, and then other months just short. But it’s knowing that Google is taking note of us, and we are growing and being recognized that is also very satisfying – Obviously alongside getting new customers from our website. Asad is highly professional. He is also very clued up but realises not everyone speaks ‘robot.’ With someone like Asad, I will come back with repeat business, because no matter if it’s your 3rd or 4th dealings with him, he always treats you as number 1.”

– M. Fouche, SkipIt Green

“I don’t think any of this was considered when the redesign was discussed”

“Thank you for the detailed feedback. I don’t think any of this was considered when the  redesign was discussed. We are happy to take guidance from you on the way forward and the next steps to ensure we get to where the site was prior to the redesign.”

– N. Stephens, Assegai & Javelin

“The new business derived from it helped us further establish the company”

“Thank you for revamping my website for SEO, and the prompt updates that I requested. The website was professionally expanded, laid out, and the new business derived from it helped us further establish the company over the years. I would like to thank you for your services and would recommend your company to any future businesses that you offer your services to.”

– R. Parker, West Coast Mini Skips

SEO Consulting Services

Divi SEO

Divi is the most installed WordPress theme on the internet, including South Africa. I’ve worked and consulted considerably with SEO for Divi websites since 2018. Thanks to this experience, I can help you overcome the particular SEO nuances of this theme.

Technical SEO

Even with the most kingly content, techincal setbacks gives Google a hard time in understanding a website in the first place. From Crawling to Canonicals and Sitemaps to Schema, I deep dive into the technical factors that often moves the ranking needle site-wide.

Link Analysis

Links are the traditional cornerstone of success in Google SEO. A healthy profile of internal, external, and inbound links delivers a helpful user experience, moreso than just organic signals. My link analysis serves mostly easy wins for usability, boosting rankings, and toxic clean ups.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics and Search Console can determine where your website triumphs and where it falls apart. I can help you gain easy-to-understand insights into your web data, to enable improving your site’s effectiveness and the value of each visitor via very practical recommendations.


SEO Auditing

Great SEO starts with an audit. It’s the practical way of finding real opportunity for improvement and plotting a strategy for success. My audits are always extensive, actionable, and done personally. For some sites, one round of ‘finishing touches’ are all that’s required.


Content Marketing

Content that drives traffic, backlinks, and revenue is strategic and meaningful to your ideal customers. To earn trust and gain visibility, I use data tied with business goals to identify trends, insights, and opportunities for developing high quality content assets for your market. 

Free Guides and Resources on my SEO Blog

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How to Clear Your Cache in Avada

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Avada and Open Graph Meta Tags – Things to Know

Avada and Open Graph Meta Tags – Things to Know

After having some trouble with open graph meta tags on a client's Avada theme website, I decided to write this article noting a few things. I cover the nuances I experienced with open graph and Avada, how to enable/disable the open graph setting, and what to do...

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Divi SEO Settings: What You Can Do WITHOUT An SEO Plugin

Divi SEO Settings: What You Can Do WITHOUT An SEO Plugin

Divi can do many things... It doesn't do everything well. It doesn't make everything easy. But it can be done. When looking to do SEO for your Divi website, start here before installing a plugin. You may find that you don't need that SEO plugin after all. Or you could...

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How to Add Meta Descriptions in Divi (Easy, No Plugin)

How to Add Meta Descriptions in Divi (Easy, No Plugin)

Want to add your own meta descriptions on Divi without having to install a plugin (like Yoast or RankMath)? Good news! With the built-in custom fields option, you can specify a meta description for an individual Divi page or Divi post direct from the WordPress...

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How to Add Google Analytics to a Divi Website (2022)

How to Add Google Analytics to a Divi Website (2022)

Divi makes it super simple to setup Google Analytics on your website. There’s no need to install a plugin, child theme, configure an API integration, or play around with code in theme files. In this article, we’ll learn how to fully setup Google Analytics on a Divi...

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