Refer a Friend Website Programs in South Africa

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Similar in many ways to affiliate marketing, “refer a friend” programs or referral marketing is a valid way to monetize and earn from your content, communication and social circles. For example, via your website, social media, influencer marketing, email marketing, or direct messaging.

You or your business will earn a commission (either fixed-fee or percentage based) for referring other South Africans to valid products and services if they make a purchase or hire from a certain company.

Importantly, your referral marketing efforts should not be spammy or deceptive. Adopting dirty tactics like mass cold emailing, bulk SMSes, and false offers are an easy way to get yourself banned and your money forfeited from a refer a friend website.

In this article, I cover several refer a friend website programs in South Africa. These include those which I have used and earned from personally across my portfolio of affiliate marketing websites and client projects.

“Refer a Friend” Website Programs in South Africa

Faithful to Nature

Hello! We are Faithful to Nature. True to our name, we provide honest and affordable products for the conscious shopper. Our vision is a future in which everyone shops consciously: the happiness of our planet and of our people are the utmost priority.

Faithful to Nature is a online health shop with products generally focusing on health, fitness, and eco-friendliness. Their product range is extensive, ranging from local raw honey and multivitamins, to gentle soaps and body care products, as well as kitchenware, appliances, gardening, exercise equipment, toys and more.

In short, there is ample choice of products when it comes to referral opportunities. Choose one, choose a type of products, or go for everything.

What qualifies as a valid referral?

A person visits the Faithful to Nature website using your unique link. If the person registers and make a first purchase of R400.00 or more, commission earnings will be awarded to you.

Importantly, your referrals have an incentive for using your unique link. They will receive a R100 discount on their first order over R400. See a live version of the invite page.

What are the requirements to join the program?

A registered Faithful to Nature customer account is required, which is free. All you need is an email address. You do NOT need to have made a purchase in order to be eligible.

(Real) Example of Earnings on the FTN Platform


  • R50.00 commission worth in loyalty points for each valid referral.
  • There is no minimum payout. You are entitled to the commission immediately.
  • Friends you refer will receive a R100 discount on their first purchase over R400.00.
  • Free tools for sharing and inviting others directly from the Faithful to Nature dashboard. Send out multiple, customized email invites that come from a email address, or share to your social media with provided text.
  • More ten thousand products that you can refer and promote.


  • Redeeming to cash is not allowed. Commission earnings are gifted in the form loyalty points, i.e. “Faithful Points”. These can be used when purchasing from Faithful to Nature only.
  • If not used, commission earnings expire after 183 days (about 6.5 months).
  • The friend has to spend R400 or more. If not, no commission earnings are awarded for the order.
  • Marketing graphics and embeds (such as banner ads or social media graphics) are not provided.
  • Limited reporting. Only valid referrals are shown. Link clicks or registration numbers are not.

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What qualifies as a valid referral?

What are the requirements to join the program?

You have to be an active customer of at least one Afrihost product or service to be eligible for the program. For example, you have to be a customer of an Afrihost web hosting package or an LTE Data package in order to earn from referring others to Afrihost.



  • Redeeming to cash is not allowed. Commission earnings are gifted in the form of credit to your account.
  • If you are not an active Afrihost customer, you are not eligible to earn from the referral program.
  • Only referrals for Afrihost web hosting, DSL, and ADSL services are eligible for commission earnings. Other Afrihost products and services, such as domain names, LTE, and fibre, etc. will not earn you referral commission.

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