Avada and Open Graph Meta Tags – Things to Know

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After having some trouble with open graph meta tags on a client’s Avada theme website, I decided to write this article noting a few things.

I cover the nuances I experienced with open graph and Avada, how to enable/disable the open graph setting, and what to do instead.


Whilst viewing source code during an SEO audit on an Avada website, I stumbled across a bunch of lorem ipsum dummy text in the website head section. This text was set as og values. It contained relevant company details, but also massive blocks of whitespace and lorem ipsum.

The website had no SEO/social media/open graph plugin. It was only Avada that could be inserting these open graph tags and values.

It definitely wasn’t Avada that decided on lorem ipsum as open graph values. Most likely, it was a web developer that forgot to replace it with correct text. Yet according to an explanation by web designer Caleb O’Loan about Avada in 2015, the og values are pulled in automatically from page content. I don’t know if this still applies now eight years later in Avada 7, but there is no lorem ipsum anywhere on the site.

Anyhow, regardless of the cause, the lorem ipsum and whitespace had to go.

I tried looking for where I could edit the open graph values and set my own…nothing. I scoured the Avada docs and global settings and just couldn’t find the option.

So my only option was to disable Avada from adding open graph meta tags entirely.

How to Enable/Disable Open Graph Meta Tags in Avada

By default, Avada adds open graph meta tags to all website pages via global options. There is no discernable way to edit the open graph values. However, you can stop Avada from adding open graph in the first place.

Here’s how:

  1. Firstly, use a free tool like the Open Graph Checker to see what the open graph values currently are for your website.
  2. Open your WordPress Dashboard and select “Avada” from the sidebar.
  3. Select “Options” from the Avada sub-menu in the sidebar.
  4. The Global Options will now appear in the main display.
  5. In the Global Options search bar, labeled ‘Search for option(s)’, do a search for “open graph”.
  6. The “Open Graph Meta Tags” option will now appear.
  7. Select the toggle to “Off”.
  8. Select the blue “Save Changes” button.
  9. If you have a speed plugin, clear the sitewide cache.
  10. Use a tool like the Open Graph Checker to confirm that the Avada open graph tags are removed from your website


I hope that helps! Avada doesn’t make certain things clear – and online tutorials are definitely lacking. It’s a big change when looking for help online, compared to a theme like Divi.

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If you need any Avada help, drop a comment below. I will help if I can. Also, don’t forget my offer: FREE! 5-MINUTE SEO AUDIT – EMAIL ME: [email protected]


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