December 2023 – SEO in a Nutshell

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I’ve read dozens of SEO articles and forum discussions in December, so you don’t have to. 

Here’s the top three:

📷 The Visual Elements That Make up a Successful Location Page

[Article Source]


Unique visuals on local business websites can drive SEO and encourage customer engagement.

Expand your local business website with in-house visuals. Images and videos of your products/services/equipment/food, interior and exterior photos, and maps. Complement with driving directions and parking details. 

Asad’s Take:

It’s limiting to compete against local competitors with text content alone. Alongside custom visuals, optimize the media file names and alt-text with keywords and location. You will stand out to potential customers – and Google. 

🔎 Bing Has a New, Powerful AI Feature for Complex Search Queries

[Article Source]


Bing is a getting massive AI upgrade. The new ‘Deep Search’ offers better results to complex search queries. The algorithm considers 10x more pages than normal search, considers more related keywords.

Asad’s Take:

If you haven’t already, register your website with Bing Webmaster Tools. Submit sitemap and robots.txt. This will help Bing in finding and parsing your pages – and hopefully feature your website in AI results. Easy win!

❌ Google’s Shifting Approach to AI Content: An In-Depth Look

[Article Source]


Google has shifted its official position from outright condemnation of AI content as “spam”, to prioritizing the quality of the content itself – and not how it was produced.

We don’t know Google’s exact measure of content quality. But user interactions (click data), brand mentions, keyword frequency, are likely factors.

Regardless – Case studies show that unedited AI content can rank high. But after several months, rankings crash horribly. Google is expected to drastically reduce the time it takes to process and definitively rank AI pages.

Asad’s Take:

Although Google has shifted it’s official position, nothing has changed practically. The shift is only on paper.

AI content does NOT rank for more than 6-12 months. 2023 studies have the same results as tests from 2015.

My view remains the same as it did then. Don’t produce AI-content for your sites or your clients. Pay a human writer and maybe use AI for ideas.


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Level up with the latest SEO knowledge every month. Subscribe to receive SEO in a Nutshell in your mailbox once a month.


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