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I’ve read dozens of SEO articles and forum discussions this March, so you don’t have to. 

Here’s my top three:

⚠️ Is Your SEO Expert Making These Expert Mistakes?

[Article Source]


There’s always room for improvement, even when hiring a genuine SEO consultant. This article gives plenty of relatable examples (in simple language) of expert errors for non-tech savvy business owners and marketing managers to understand. These are strategy-level approaches your SEO should be briefing you about (and not the technical nitty-gritties).

Asad’s Take:

Since SEOs are humans (AI hasn’t taken over just yet), we do err. These aren’t always ‘silly’ mistakes or deception to overcharge clients on unnecessary work. But generally (1) ignoring business conditions and business goals and just looking at SEO as SEO and (2) applying big website SEO to small websites, and vice versa.

📚 “Good reasons” to Have About and Contact Pages, says John Mueller from Google

[Article Source]


Google does not ‘require’ a website to have these pages for SEO. But having them directly ties in with Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines, where the Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust (EEAT) signals of the website/business can be immediately established.

Asad’s Take:

Small business and ECommerce websites are often lax on About pages. It’s either missing entirely, or it’s just a few paragraphs duplicated verbatim from the homepage. There is no harm in an About page. The benefit to EEAT is obvious. Your visitors will also appreciate it. If you’re unsure what to say, start here.

🔥 Google Algorithm Update: Major Hit to AI Content!

[Article Source]


Google rolled out major algorithm updates in March. Many sites heavily reliant on AI and other auto-generated content were hit with manual action penalties. Some websites were completely removed from search.

Asad’s Take:

Google has finally started to catch up on AI spam. It’s a temporary setback for AI-driven websites as AI models will continue to improve. Expect much back-and-forth over the next decade as the feasibility of ranking a website with pure AI content will be pushed to extremes.


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