SEO Services

My ideal clients view SEO as a medium to long-term investment — not a quick fix or box to check.

I’ll work with you to understand your business and website, investigate the issues holding you back, and give specific recommendations with the goal of moving the needle. 

SEO services for the sake of business impact. That’s it.

No SEO Packages

Unlike many agencies, I don’t offer fixed-fee ‘SEO packages’ for two simple reasons:

(1) Your business is unique. Your business challenges and goals are different from everyone else. You know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to your sales process, services, and ideal clients. SEO services need to align with that and not the other way around.

(2) Your website is unique. Search Engine Optimisation isn’t a generic checklist of tasks. Nor should it be sold as such. Every website is in a different state across technical, content, schema, links, ad nauseum. Some of the biggest SEO wins I’ve had was optimising existing content – as opposed to pushing out x number of blog posts every month.

“One size fits all” is rarely a good idea in advertising.

My professional SEO services are tailor-made to suit your business goals and website environment. I prefer taking a personal, investigative, and consultive approach into learning what’s working and what’s not – across you, your industry, and your competition. I then formulate a strategy accordingly.

Experience Across Popular WordPress Themes + Drupal 9

Within WordPress, every theme has its own SEO nuances.

Common problems, common errors, common mistakes.

These could be similar oversights by web designers when working on a particular theme, or in-built features from the theme developer that harms major SEO ranking factors.

I have worked mainly on SEO services for Divi websites since 2018. Other popular WordPress themes I have worked on include Storefront, Avada, and Oxygen. Outside WordPress, I have conducted very extensive SEO audits on Drupal 9. My original background is in static websites, viz. HTML/CSS/Bootstrap development.

In short, I have been around the block alongside the Divi focus. This exposure has given practical expertise in investigating technical SEO issues and common web dev fails. No matter your theme or tech stack, WordPress or not, I am open to help if (and only if) SEO would be a good fit for your business.

How can I help?


SEO Auditing

Great SEO starts with an audit. It’s the practical way of finding real opportunity for improvement and plotting a strategy for success. My audits are always extensive, actionable, and done personally. For some sites, one round of ‘finishing touches’ are all that’s required.

Technical SEO

Even with the most kingly content, techincal setbacks gives Google a hard time in understanding a website in the first place. From Crawling to Canonicals and Sitemaps to Schema, I deep dive into the technical factors that often moves the ranking needle site-wide.

Link Analysis

Links are the traditional cornerstone of success in Google SEO. A healthy profile of internal, external, and inbound links delivers a helpful user experience, moreso than just organic signals. My link analysis serves mostly easy wins for usability, boosting rankings, and toxic clean ups.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics and Search Console can determine where your website triumphs and where it falls apart. I can help you gain easy-to-understand insights into your web data, to enable improving your site’s effectiveness and the value of each visitor via very practical recommendations.

Divi SEO

Divi is the most installed WordPress theme on the internet, including South Africa. I’ve worked and consulted considerably with SEO for Divi websites since 2018. Thanks to this, I can help you overcome the particular SEO nuances of this theme.


Content Marketing

Content that drives traffic, backlinks, and revenue is strategic and meaningful to your ideal customers. To earn trust and gain visibility, I use data tied with business goals to identify trends, insights, and opportunities for developing high quality content assets for your market. 


Interested in working together or have any SEO questions? Send me an email, and I’ll get back to you soon (usually under 48 hours).

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