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My formal studies was firstly (well, after biology and nutrition) in BSc Computer Science and Information Systems. Alongside, I also studied towards CompTIA and Microsoft IT credentials.

I wanted to do app development, but instead really enjoyed web development where I also did some UNISA courses to certify what I learnt myself online. Although I was designing websites in high school on early releases of Wix and Weebly, it took awhile to settle on WordPress post-university. (Hosting and cPanel scared me).

Whilst in web development, I took on a freelance QA position at Digivante. I can’t mention clients because of NDAs, but I worked on website and iOS QA for UK and Australian brands. It was exciting to investigate massive staging websites looking for issues ranging from broken links to getting free products due to bugs in the ECommerce gateway

Not only was a love for website auditing sparked that lead to an SEO interest, but I learnt practical skills in web dev, and software project management that I have never heard from any design or marketing source.


I am a member of some free and paid internet marketing communities. Staying active with other SEOs does keep you on the cutting-edge of what’s actually happening in the SERPs. Only months (and sometimes years) later do the real diamonds of insights filter out from niche forums to mainstream blogs.

That said, most of my knowledge is from a few senior experts who I have followed with over the years, and subscribe to some of their paid engagements:

  • Glen Allsop
  • Charles Floate
  • Josh Bachyski
  • Rand Fashkin
  • Chase Reiner (pre-AI)

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Asad Badat

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