How to Install WordPress on Afrihost

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I’ve had the fortunate of making websites on various hosting platforms since 2015. Since then, I’ve installed WordPress on about a dozen sites since them. Although I; not a web desinger anymore (now only SEO Consuklting), I still run my poertolfoio of affilaitesites and using a mix of Afrihost and Domains nd other other platorms.


If you have already have your Afrihost web hosting and domain, and only need to install WordPress, click here to skip to Step 7.

Step 1: Choose a Web Hosting Package

To install WordPress on Afrihost, you’ll first need web hosting and domain name. The first step is to select a web hosting package that will meet your budget and needs. Afrihost has seven different web hosting packages:

  1. Silver Home
  2. Gold Home
  3. Platinum Home
  4. Bronze Pro
  5. Silver Pro
  6. Gold Pro
  7. Platinum Pro

Don’t be overwhelmed!

The good news is that every hosting package fully supports WordPress and cPanel, gives you full email functionality with a lower limit of 50 email accounts, free SSL, and gives you a free domain for the first year.

The restrictions come in with extra storage space, subdomains and databases, which most starter websites don’t have to worry about.

The basic hosting plan, Silver Home, has everything a small to medium-sized business, personal blog or affiliate WordPress website in South Africa needs to get started.

You can easily upgrade your hosting package later, so don’t worry about making the wrong choice. Never spend more than necessary when starting out. (I made this mistake when I did my first WordPress site in 2015.)

Here’s what you have to do:

Go to:

Step 2: Register Your Domain Name

You’ve selected your hosting package. Now, it’s time to select and register your new domain name.

A domain name is the unique textual address of your website on the internet. You are likely familiar with these examples:


If you haven’t decided on a domain name yet, see these resources for some help:

In this tutorial, we will purchase a new domain for our WordPress website from Afrihost directly. This is the easiest method. Here’s how:

On the Domain Options page, select New Domain.

Search your desired domain name in the Domain Name search bar. Afrihost will then display a list of available and similar domain names to choose from on the right.

Select your choice from the list and then select Next Step.

Step 3: Checkout

Afrihost will now confirm your web hosting + domain name order and pricing in a shopping cart.

Don’t gloss over this page as you might have mistakenly added an extra hosting package or another service in the past. There should be only one item in the cart, which is a Silver Linux Home Hosting with New Domain Registration. Also verify that the domain name is correct.

Once you’ve confirmed all is okay, select Checkout.

Step 4: Create a new Afrihost Account or Login to Your Existing Account

If you have an existing Afrihost account, login on this page and skip to Step 5.

If not, select Create a new one at the bottom.

On the next two pages Afrihost will ask for information, such as full name, email address, physical address, VAT number (if applicable), etc. These details will appear on your invoice.


Ensure the mobile number you provide Afrihost is for a cellphone that can receive SMSs. Do not use a telephone number. Additionally, it must be a phone that you have easy access to when required. At times, Afrihost will send an OTP via SMS for logging in to their ClientZone platform. Without it, it is not possible to login. This can be a problem for businesses if you are trying to access ClientZone and the employee with that phone is out the office or on leave, etc.

Step 5: Navigate to Softaculous on cPanel (Website Manager)

Open your ClientZone Dashboard.

Select Hosting from the menu.

Under the Shared Hosting list, select your domain name.

Select the Website Manager button. On the next page, select Log into Website Manager.

Welcome to cPanel!

Now, let’s find the Softaculous Apps Installer.

Scroll down to the Software section, and select Softaculous Apps Installer.

Step 6: Install WordPress on your Afrihost website

With the Softaculous Apps Installer now open, select WordPress.

The WordPress Installation page will now appear. Select the Install Now button.

This where things can get tricky, so be careful. There’s several important options you need to change on this page. We’ll go through the various options section – by section.

Software Setup

“Choose the version you want to install.”

No action needed. By default, this is set to the latest version already.

“Choose Installation URL”

  • Choose Protocol“: Select https:// or https://www.
  • “Choose Doman”: No action needed. Leave as is.
  • “In Directory”: Delete ‘wp’ from this field. This field must be empty.

Your section should look like this:

Site Settings

Enter a “Site Name” and “Site Description“.

You may change this later within WordPress but I recommended setting this now.

Enable Multisite (WPMU)”. Leave empty as is. Do not check this box.

Make sure that you enter correct email address in the admin email field. This is where WordPress will send notifications and password reset link if you ever forgot your password.

FAQ & Summary: Afrihost on WordPress

Are there any dedicated Afrihost WordPress hosting packages?

No. Afrihost does not offer a dedicated or separate hosting service specifically for WordPress websites. The only option is the standard shared hosting packages available.

I cannot install a WordPress theme. I am getting a PHP limit error. What should I do?

This is a common problem for Afrihost and WordPress sites because Afrihost has the default PHP configuration parameters set too low. Specifically, you will have this issue when trying to install the Divi theme.

Send the following message as a support ticket to Afrihost via ClientZone:

Please set the following PHP directives with the corresponding values for my website:

memory_limit: 256M
post_max_size: 128M
max_execution_time: 180
upload_max_filesize: 256M
max_input_time: 600
max_input_vars: 5000

Thank you.

This should fix the problem immediately once Afrihost makes the above edits.

Does this tutorial work for

No. is stand-alone and entirely separate from the way self-hosted on Afrihost functions. With, your hosting is handled by itself – this cannot be changed to Afrihost or any other hosting company. The most you can do is purchase your domain from Afrihost and map to Additionally, note that sites is a very differnt in functionaly and freedom comapred to self-hosted WordPress. This is essential reading if you’re unsure.

When does Afrihost bill for the web hosting fee?

You will be billed at the start of the month for web hosting. Afrihost gives you a pro-rata discount in the first month, so your billing will always start on the 1st irrespective of the date you signed up.

Will Afrihost update the WordPress plugins on my website?

No. Afrihost will not update the plugins on your WordPress website even if a plugin has a known security exploit or vulnerability. You or your web designer will have to handle this task.

Does Afrihost backup my website?

Yes. Afrihost backs up your website automatically at no extra cost. Backups are stored for 14 days. This includes WordPress databases and all other WordPress files. You can access the backup software via cPanel > Afrihost Backups.

How can I setup email?

This is unrelated and not done through WordPress. View How to create an email account on Afrihost.

I want to move my existing WordPress website from another hosting provider to Afrihost. How do I do this?

Migrating an existing WordPress website (and likely domain) is a technical task beyond the scope of most beginners. I strongly suggest consulting a professional web developer for help. Some hosting companies do offer this service for free, but not Afrihost.


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